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Team members has extensive work experience in various roles and companies. Gualberto started their career in 2019 with Shopify as a Business Partner and Desarrollador de eCommerce, and later worked at HubSpot as a Partnerships Marketing Specialist and Customer Relationship Management Specialist. In 2019, they also joined Instagram as a Business Partnerships Manager and Marketing Specialist. In 2021, they joined OpenAI as an App Developer and GPT-3 API Beta Tester. Gualberto also worked at Webflow as a Web Application Developer and Business Partner. Gualberto also has experience in agenciainndi.com, where they held roles as a Customer Relationship Management Manager, Social Media Marketing Manager, and Growth Marketing Manager. In 2022, they joined Embudos AI as a Growth Marketing Partner and Product Development Engineer. Finally, they worked at Meta as a Growth Marketing Partner and Marketing Specialist. Overall, Gualberto has gained extensive experience in marketing, partnerships, development, and management throughout their career. Note by "TheOrg.com". Gualberto Bricenov has a diverse educational background. Gualberto has obtained certifications in various fields from prestigious institutions. Gualberto is certified in the "Nuts and Bolts of Business Plans" from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and in "Consumer Neuroscience & Neuromarketing" from the Copenhagen Business School. In 2018 and 2019, they pursued a certification in "International Business" from The University of New Mexico. Additionally, Gualberto holds a certification in "Introducción a la Programación con Python" from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Furthermore, Gualberto has also acquired additional certifications to enhance their expertise. Gualberto holds a "Certified Advertising Specialist (TAS)" certification from Facebook, a "Marketing Skills Certification" from Google, and a certification in "Social Media Marketing" from Facebook. Overall, Gualberto's education history demonstrates their commitment to acquiring knowledge and developing skills across different disciplines.




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